How Does OfficeALexa work ?

In today’s fast paced world, you need an Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistant that is smarter than a human. You need to break from useless old traditions and take back control through AI. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an AI assistant that revolutionized your business?

Introducing OfficeAlexa, an innovative AI personal service that helps people get the job done quicker !

Get started for free.

How To Get Started

Download OfficeALexa from your favorite app store for free (coming soon - Q1 2020). After downloading the app you are just a few taps away from transformation.


The power of your AI assistant is unlimited. From transcribing calls, cataloging communications to creating alerts and notifications for key events. The power of your assistant is limitless since it can be programmed.

Empower Your Efficiency

Time is money and OfficeALexa helps you save time to get the job done right. From tracking meeting agenda items, to following up with clients and potential leads.

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

OfficeALexa learns from you via the most advanced machine learning algorithms known today. OfficeAlexa can anticipate key actiom items and has the ability to predict next steps based on previous experiences and communications.

Our Story

OfficeAlexa was started by a group of certified AWS developers who incorporated multiple elements of data streaming, machine learning with communications technology to create the world's most advanced AI personal assistant.

The long-time friends happened upon the OfficeAlexa idea after attending an infinite amount of wasteful meetings that required long hours of follow up minutes and action items that never got anywhere. After gazing upon the majestic capabilities of integrating multiple AWS services, the team witnessed firsthand the possibilities by developing an AI powered CCCP (Contact Center Control Panel) that showcased the services. From the CCCP, the team developed the OfficeAlexa personal assistant.

“I was tired of doing meeting minutes after each gathering, then writing a follow up email and then chasing people to complete action items. But now, with OfficeAlexa, I just need to attend the meeting and it automatically does all the work for me, it even sends email reminders to folks to complete their work.”
- Satisfied OfficeAlexa User

What can OfficeAlexa do ?

Connects to Alexa enabled devices, hence the name OfficeAlexa.

Talk to OfficeAlexa to book a room, turn on digital equipment, record and transcribe conversations and then translate into over than 20 languages. Use OfficeALexa to identify business contacts, potential leads and then have OfficeALexa automatically reach out to them via text messages, emails, social media or CRM. Catalog all your conversations and emails for easy search and audit purposes. Have OfficeALexa create action items for you and for others to follow up, with calendar appointments and reminder emails and communications. Unleash the power of Machine Learning in order to anticipate meeting agendas and key decisions that must be made.